20 Must-Know Phrases for Managers


For non-native English-speaking managers, mastering key English phrases is not just a matter of fluency – it’s about leading teams with confidence, clarity, and competence.

This article is designed to provide you with essential English phrases covering crucial areas like starting meetings, giving feedback, and motivating teams. 

These phrases will serve as powerful tools in your management arsenal, enhancing both your leadership skills and your English proficiency.

Starting Meetings

Kicking off a meeting with the right tone sets the stage for productive discussions.

Here are some phrases to open your meetings with assurance:

  • “Let’s begin our meeting – I’m glad everyone could make it today.”
  • “Thank you all for joining today. Let’s get started with the main points.”
  • “I appreciate everyone’s presence. Shall we dive into today’s agenda?”

Transition smoothly into the agenda with phrases like:

  • “First, let’s go over the main points on our agenda.”
  • “I’d like to start with a quick update on [project/task].”
  • “Let’s begin with your thoughts on [topic].”

Giving Constructive Feedback

Offering feedback is a delicate art. It requires balancing honesty with diplomacy.

Here are some phrases to help:

  • “I appreciate your effort on this, but have you considered…?”
  • “Your work has been impressive; however, there’s room for improvement in…”
  • “I value your approach, yet I believe we could benefit from…”

To suggest improvements positively:

  • “Have you considered trying a different approach for better results?”
  • “One area for improvement could be your time management skills.”

Motivating Teams

Encouragement can significantly boost team morale and productivity:

  • “Your dedication is clearly evident in your work. Keep it up!”
  • “I’m really impressed with how you handled that challenge.”

Inspire your team with phrases like:

  • “Let’s keep our focus on the goal and work together to achieve success.”
  • “I’m confident in our team’s ability to overcome these challenges.”

Handling Difficult Conversations

Navigating tough conversations requires tact and sensitivity:

  • “I understand your perspective, but let’s consider the bigger picture.”
  • “I respect your viewpoint, however, we need to find a middle ground.”

When expressing concerns:

  • “I’m a bit concerned about the delays in this project. Let’s discuss solutions.”
  • “It might be beneficial to reevaluate our strategy on this.”

The phrases provided are more than just words; they are a reflection of thoughtful leadership and effective communication.

Regular practice of these phrases, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning in Business English, can significantly enhance your managerial capabilities. 

Remember, clear communication is key to not only managing but also inspiring and leading your teams to new heights.

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