To help you Improve your English and
ADVANCE your career!

Business English program

How will this Business English
Program help you?

Gain Confidence, Gain Respect

If you want to be heard and respected at work, you need to be confident. In this sense, Focused practice gives you confidence.

Improve your English skills

In this program you'll get everything you need to improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

Advance your career

Get ready to find the Job or get the Promotion you deserve in an International Company.

Why Business English?

Empower yourself for your professional growth. Business English will give you the extra edge to supersede your competitors and empower you for your professional growth.

This Program will help you enrich your personal development and open new opportunities and give you the tools you need to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Business English program
Business English program
Business English program

the HOTTEST Skill for Job Seakers.

Business English program

The BBC says over a 40-year career, knowing a second language can add up to an extra $128,000 earned.

Business English program

The Schwartz Insurance Group says the bilingual pay differential for hourly earnings ranges from 5% to 25%.

Who is this Business English Program for?

can you relate to any
of these situations?

You're a professional!

You want to get a job or a promotion in an international company.

You're Intermediate!

You have at least a pre-intermediate intermediate level of English. (You're reading this page, for sure you're more than pre-intermediate!).

You're a Manager or planning to apply to a managerial position

You have to oversee/manage international teams.

Business English program

4-month program
60mins lessons
2 classes per week

Online platform available
for you 24/7

Small Groups
5 students max.

Program Curriculum

Module 1 - Professional Communication

40 lessons - We FOCUS on business vocabulary in different professional situations. At the end of this pillar, you will master the vocabulary that allows you to use business idioms, expressions, and phrases to better express yourself and also improve your reading and listening skills effectively.

Module 2 - Effective Business Speaking

38 lessons - We work on your pronunciation and skills to conduct one-on-one and group meetings in English. At the end of this pillar, you will significantly improve your English communication clarity so your colleagues and clients can understand you clearly and have confidence while attending meetings in English both in person and virtually.

Module 3 - Effective Business Writing
11 lessons - You will improve your professional writing. At the end of this pillar, you will know how to write professional business emails, resumes, and reports that leave a great impression. You'll write an effective resume and powerful cover letter to ensure you're selling the correct credentials the Employer is looking for.

Module 4 - Cross-cultural Awareness

11 lessons - This is the last pillar and one of my favorites. Communication is a human process that depends on our origin and where we currently are. When communicating with native English speakers or other native speakers, we must consider the cultural context and how to behave accordingly. At the end of this pillar, you will understand the culture in the English-speaking business world and how multicultural companies work.

By joining Business English - FOCUS,
you receive these wonderful BONUSES:

#1 Industry & Role.
Your personalized
Business English Guide.

A downloadable, personalized phrasebook containing essential Business English expressions and idioms tailored to each participant’s industry and role.

Business English program

#2 Email writing course

If you need to write professional emails, this course is for you. By joining the program you get instant access to this course created by Professor and Coach, Jennifer Kumar. As a complement of the Business English Program it enhances your professional communication

$197 USD

Business English program

#3 Membership Access

Practice makes progress. Get instant access to our membership and private community to practice 1:1, get feedback and monthly workshops.

Business English program

#4 Adittional Material

  • Business English Email Pack
  • Business Documents & Contracts
  • CVs and Cover Letters Templates
  • Business Letters Templates
  • Business English Agreements Templates
  • Legal Forms Templates
  • Banking Templates

$175 USD

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3 options to choose from:

1- Small Groups


$160 USD


2 - Individual 1:1


$200 USD


3 - Companies


What our students say:

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Our 15-Day Guarantee is our promise to you that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and experience, we will work to make it right or provide a full refund.

How can I help you?
Business English program
I’ve been teaching English for over 17 years in many different contexts and I've been working in international companies for more than 10 years so I know how important and relevant it is to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY in ENGLISH.
I help professionals (like you) improve their English skills so they can communicate effectively in the workplace.
Gabby Rincon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business/Corporate English?

Business English refers to the advanced language proficiency necessary for employees to conduct themselves in business settings.

It goes beyond the basic skills required for everyday conversation, combining advanced language proficiency required to handle projects in global companies. It follows a more disciplined approach in order to deliver a professional way of speaking and conversation.

It’s not a different subject but more like an extension of general English. This is why our program is for intermediate students or at least a B1 level.

Learning business English is empowering for individuals who aim for their professional growth

What's the Methodology?

Because different students often have different requirements, we have different resources and flexible methodologies to create tailored plans.Lessons include focus on preparing for business presentations with native speakers, improving pronunciation, preparing for meetings, learning finance-related business words on top of improving the overall language level.

As noon-native speakers, we know how hard it is to learn if you’re not in the context so we go beyond general grammar exercises. The student will be provided with a placement test (CEFR levels) to understand their initial language level.

We meet 2 times per week for 4 months. As soon as you join, you’ll get total access to the program, our membership and also access to our Email Writing course.

You have unlimited access to the program.

Business English is about expanding your English vocabulary and grammar knowledge through specialized content and topics. Some grammar points are given more importance in Business English than in general English, such as passives, modals, and reported speech. Also, there are particular phrasal verbs, collocations and idioms which are more commonly used in business settings.

Here are just some of the areas of vocabulary you’re likely to study:

  • Appropriate business greetings
  • Formal business emails
  • Telephone and conference calls
  • Negotiating
  • Client relations
  • Meetings
  • Human Resource

Is the course individual or in groups?

The program is in Small groups, maximum 5 students.

It’s important to create opportunities for you to practice with other professionals.

For how long do I have access to the program?

As soon as you buy the program, you get all access.

Group classes last 4 months, after that you get unlimited access to the content and it’s actualizations.

What's the schedule for the sessions?

The schedule will depend on your availability.

There are options to take classes in the morning, afternoon and evening only on weekdays.

Why taking a Corporate English training?

International corporations usually have an official corporate language. As they expand operations to countries where other native languages are spoken, new employees need to be fluent in that corporate language.To meet this need, human resource departments develop and implement formal corporate language training programs.

These enable businesses to support international growth, open new markets, share knowledge rapidly and more effectively. Furthermore, it makes corporations more appealing to global talent pools and increases employee loyalty.

Will I be able to practice?

Absolutely, that’s why as a BONUS we give you access to our memberhsip, so you can start practicing right away!