When you have to interrupt:

  • I’m sorry to interrupt but…
  • I hate to interrupt but…
  • I’m sorry to cut this short but…
  • Sorry to interrupt but may I ask a question?
  • May I add something quickly?
  • I don’t mean to be rude but may I interrupt quickly?
  • I’m terribly sorry to interrupt you but…
  • Sorry to interrupt but I just noticed the time and I need to…
  • Excuse me but may I jump in here?

After being interrupted:

  • You didn’t let me finish.
  • Where was I?
  • Anyway …As I was saying …
  • Please let me finish.

Allowing an interruption:

  • No problem. Go ahead.
  • Sure. What do you think?
  • Is there anything I can do for you?
  • Sure, What’s your point?