First and most important! Don’t to apologize for your english!

Some Do’s:

✅ Speak clearly and project your voice.

✅ Prepare, not only to answer the questions. You should also research the company.

✅ Bring another copy of your resume and/or relevant/supporting documents.

✅ Make eye contact but don’t intimidate.

✅ Show enthusiasm and passion

✅ Ask questions at the end

✅ Send a thank-you note.

✅ Follow up

Some Dont’s

❌ Don’t use your phone. No, not at all.

❌ Don’t use jargon or informal language.

❌ Don’t say anything negative about your current/previous boss or coworkers.

❌ Don’t eat, drink, or chew gum.

❌ Don’t act desperate (Even if you really need the job)