You are determined to reduce the stress in your life, but for one reason or another you always end up stressed for the same reasons.

Have you ever wondered what you are doing wrong?

The following typical behaviors errors have a specific cause rooted in a thinking methodology that can be changed.

Take a look at the list. Are you falling into these typical behavioral errors?

  1. “I’m right, the whole world is just wrong”, getting locked into a belief rejecting every fact that goes against it, notwithstanding the undeniable available evidence.

2. Refusing to accept a loss. In other words, refusing to let go despite knowing that the solution is not at hand reach, and letting the loss increase by investing more resources.

2. Focusing on the problem and the negative feelings generated, instead of changing the behavior that causes the problem.

3. Revenge-behavior as if you were trying to get back what was taken away from you.

Recognizing the things you cannot change is the first step toward a less stressful life.

Accepting that you cannot change certain things allows you to let them go and not get upset.

Finding a solution to alleviate discomfort —instead of complaining— is the best way to invest your time (e.g. you cannot change the fact that you must drive during rush hour, but you can find ways to relax on the go, like listening to a podcast or your favorite playlist).