Simple, just like Michelle Obama said:

“Whenever I doubt myself, I put my head down, do the work and let my work speak for itself”

– Recognize the thoughts and put them in perspective. Ask yourself ‘Does that thought help or hinder me?’.

– Stop comparing. Every time you compare yourself with others, you will find some fault with yourself that fuels the feeling of not being good enough or not belonging. Instead, focus on listening to what the other person is saying. Be genuinely interested in learning more.

– Don’t focus on doing things perfectly, but rather, do things reasonably well and reward yourself for taking action. 

– Don’t be paralyzed by your fear of being found out. Learn to value constructive criticism. Let your guard down and let others see the real you. 

– Assess your abilities. Write down your accomplishments and what you are good at, and compare that with your self-assessment.

– Look at what you have accomplished in your life and be grateful to yourself.

Owning and celebrating achievements is essential if you want to avoid burnout, find contentment, and cultivate self-confidence.

Don’t let the doubt control your actions.