Are you struggling to create an impressive resume that lands you the job of your dreams?

Your resume is often the first impression you make on potential employers. Let our expert writer help you showcase your skills, experience, and, most importantly, your achievements!

Did you know that seven out of ten resumes are never read by a human being?

The reason? To handle the high volume of applications, HR departments rely on software systems called ATS that filter resumes and discard those lacking the necessary design and content attributes.

What do we offer?

A resume that meets the required characteristics:

A professionally crafted resume that markets your potential

An optimized resume that is rich in keywords, skills, accomplishments, and values

ATS friendly format and rich in keywords for your target positions.

Resume in searchable PDF format

A resume in MS Word format (docx)

Resume Writing Service

We'll do the writing for you!
at the end you will receive a resume:

$230 USD

What our clients say:

How can I help you?
Whether you're looking for a job or a new role, a well-crafted resume and optimized Linkedin profile will play a pivotal role in setting you apart from the rest of the candidates. My advanced techniques will help you achieve your goals and lay the groundwork for growing your personal brand.
Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) ✦ Employment Strategist ✦ Linkedin Top Voice 2023: Latam ✦ Member of Career Directors International ✦ Trilingual: SP/EN/PT ✦ Digital Profile Writer
Alejandro Motta

Certified as Advanced Resume Writer (CARW), which provides the certainty of hiring an expert in hiring and resume writing.

With the seal of Career Directors International, a prestigious organization of human resources, coaching and career professionals.

Linkedin Top Voice award for the Latin America Region.

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