LinkedIn profile in English

LinkedIn profile in English.
5 reasons and 5 tips to help you boost your profile.

If you want to work abroad or in an international company in your country one of the most important steps in this job search process is creating your LinkedIn profile bilingual or multilingual. This is why I’m going to give 5 reasons why you should create your profile in English and 5 tips to use English to boost your profile.


The general rule on LinkedIn is that you may only have one profile; having multiple profiles is a violation of the Terms of Service that could get you booted off the site. However, there is one exception to that rule: the Secondary Language Profile.

Now, there are two ways to go around this. You can create your profile from scratch in English or you can create your profile in your native language and then create a second, third, fourth language profile in English.

If you have multiple profiles in several languages the viewers will see the ones that are most relevant for them. And if they are interested they can actually choose from the language profiles by selecting one from the options underneath your profile photo.

Why does it matter?


5 reasons to set your Linkedin Profile in English:

1. Interest at first sight. Nowadays, your LinkedIn profile is your cover letter. It’s the first contact between you and the recruiter, hiring manager, etc. So, if they can read it in their native language, it will be easier for them to know you better at first glance.

2. Positioning. It’s not a secret: almost every company types the names of the connections they make into Google. So, creating your profile in English (which is our main interest here) will help you position yourself on google.

3. Credibility Especially if you are interested in working in a company with multicultural teams because your LinkedIn profile may be viewed by several members of that team (even the ones who speak your native language)

4. International offers: Many recruiters look for international talent. So, having your LinkedIn in various languages will open the door to international recruiters contacting you. 

5. You’ll be found for your competencies in multiple languages when people search for someone like you on LinkedIn.

Now, I’ll give you.

Check the 5 tips to help you boost your profile in the video!