“Working from my home is worth a hundred thousand dollars because of the freedom and because of the time saving.”

~ A team member of Chess.com

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, tired, scared?

Here I share some important tips to help you be productive!


1. Take a shower and Dress up! Yeah! Believe it or not, we need to train our brains to understand that we are working, not just staying home.


2. Plan your day, set hours, and stick to that plan.  Organization is a must. Start with the hardest tasks first. There is no way to concentrate and do the tasks if you don’t have an order to follow. It just makes things easier and faster. 


3. Set Boundaries. You are at home, not at the office. Turn off your phone if necessary. Do not worry about home duties.


4. Have a good chair. But do not stay sit all day long. Try to switch, sit for an hour, walk a little, work standing for another hour.


5. Give yourself breaks. We need time to relax. 5 minutes every 30 or 40 minutes would be ok. Just don’t procrastinate.


6. Know when to stop. Again you are at home. So, it would be easy to say, -Ok ten more minutes and I’m done. Respect your working hours.



Productive: The rate or efficiency of work. (productividad)

Whether: used to talk about a choicebetween two or more possibilities (Si condicional)

Overwhelmed: To feel sudden strong emotions. (abrumado)

Facing / To face: to have a problem. (enfrentar)

Hard time: trouble, problem, difficulty (problema, dificultad)

Dress up: to wear formal clothes for a special occasion (vestirse formal)

Stick to: continue, not to abandon. (Continuar, seguir con)

Boundaries: limits. (Limits)

Tasks: a piece of specially hard work. (actividades, tareas)