Let’s talk about #WRITING!


Business letters and e-mails are…


📌 Polite: This means they use slightly more formal/professional English. Do not use slang.
Phrasal verbs and idioms are OK only in e-mails to business associates who you know well and have a friendly relationship with.

📌Concise: This means they focus on the essential information and they don’t include lots of extra details or long explanations that are not very relevant.

If you need to write a letter or e-mail, you can follow this structure:


– Salutation to open the letter
– Reference to any recent contact
– Expresses your reason for writing


📧 DETAILS– more information that is relevant to the letter’s purpose.
– Good/bad news
– Requests/offers
– Complaints
– Brief explanations


– Next action
– Deadlines or time limits
– Contact information (if necessary)
– Closing


Some info taken from: espressoenglish.net


What about you?

⁉️ How often do you check your inbox?

⁉️ How many emails do you send a day?

⁉️ How do you structure your emails?