Last week we talked about the general structure of emails.

Now let’s check the first.




To open the email write “Dear” followed by:

Mr. (for a man)
Mrs. (for a married woman)
Miss (for a single woman)
Ms. (for a woman when you don’t know if she’s married or single)

-Dear Mr. Smith,
-Dear Ms. Jones,
-Dear Dr. Meyers, (Dr. is short for Doctor)
-Dear Professor Davis,
-Dear Rev. Finch, (Rev. is short for Reverend)
-Dear Pastor Anderson,


The final part of the introduction is the reason for writing.
You can say:

I am writing…

-to inform you that… [your order was shipped on July 27.]
-to tell you about… [a new product that may be beneficial to your company.]
-to confirm… [your attendance at the international training conference.]
-to request… [information about your services.]
-to inquire about… [opportunities for partnership between our companies.]
-to express my dissatisfaction with… [the delay in receiving the material I purchased.]

Some info taken from: esspresoenglish.net


📌 How often do you write emails in English?

📌What are the most common phrases you use to open the email?